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About Swift Shines Cleaning Company

SWIFT SHINES provide top-quality home cleaning services. Each of our trusted professionals has years of  enormous experience and comes prepared to make your office and place of work enjoyable, comfortable and sparkling. We train our staff to clean with a consistent attention to detail. That way, we can give you the same high quality service every time. All you have to do is enjoy your bright, premises.


  • To be leader in the market, there are many mediocre companies so we need to supurse  
  • To exceed the expectations of every client by offering fast and outstanding customer service, exceptional quality, and add greater value for the service rendered. 


We are focused on creating a reputable brand for faster, consistency, efficiency and dependability in all cleaning services with absolute quality. 

Our Mission

  • To provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services to all sectors of business, companies, and industries across all geographical regions. 
  • To provide a great touch to existing property aiming at a different picture and new look from the previous. 

Our Guiding Principle

We shall always endeavor to do all that we promise and never make promises that we won’t do.

Our Service Motto

Build Trust through service with honesty and integrity. 

Our Core Values

We religiously uphold certain values that form the basis of our business practices. These values range from;

  • Honesty and openness
  • Client focus
  • Teamwork
  • Professional Integrity
  • High ethical standards
  • Creativity beyond the passion and desire for excellence
  • Value for money whereas paying attention to every single tiny detail and above all use of Eco- friendly cleaning products and machines for a conscious environment.

Marketing strategies

>Fliers, Tv and Radio adverts,sign post, websites and social media platforms.


Our company mission for supplies is to create value by extracting the power of quality and transforming the transactional purchasing function into strategic supply management. Leveraging the company’s expenditure and resources in key areas and negotiating as we improve time to time market, to reduce total costs of ownership and operation while increasing quality. We source our rare environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals,equipments from reputable suppliers globally from US,Sweden,Germany,Turkey and partly from Dubai and China.( we insist on sourcing from the west since we can be assured of the quality, durability and environmental friendliness of the chemicals we use it’s we guarantee customer satisfaction


We assure you that our human resource is sufficient and able enough to execute all available tasks with utmost quality and ample time. We always continue to have regular training to keep our staff up to date with matters concerning work safety, customer interaction, new technologies ,security and also confidentiality while at clients premises. We highly value extreme quality workmanship with much emphasis.

Key staff CVs.

We also ensure that the recruited staff has the expertise, knowledge and professional ethics so as the job is well done.We therefore dispatch our team of experienced cleaners and caretakers with a minimum of two years experience in the field and other areas which is acquired globally from working with reputable companies.


The services we offer usually require us to know your requirements and needs to help us plan the best service for you. Our unbeatable prices are incomparable to none with high quality services.We however usually prefer a one on one interaction with our clients to have the best price and terms of service which do not affect either sides. 

Receipts, invoices and discounts.( these shall be issued at every level of a transaction for proper record keeping, customer satisfaction and prompt payment after the transaction).

Job Guarantee

We commit to do the best job to our clients’ contentment and satisfaction. With enormous projects accomplished, we guarantee unequalled services with exceptional honesty, Integrity and Trust. However, in the event that the client is not satisfied with one of our staff work, we shall immediately dispatch a new team to redo the job at no extra cost from the previously agreed one in the proformas and quotations within 48 hours.


We work with other sister companies to ensure a smooth procurement and supplier of everything we need from human resource, to repair and servicing of machines, to hotel and management consultancy, insurance and audits for example: Thin Wales Investments Ltd, Swift International Recruiters, etc.